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About Us | Tri-County Arts Complex Inc. - Rocky Mount, NC

“The only dance, gymnastics and cheerleading certified school in the greater Rocky Mount area.”

At Tri-County Arts Complex Inc., our philosophy is threefold: great purpose, great instructors, and great safety.

We have great purpose because we work with kids; your kids. They are so important to us, and our work. We are committed to excellent teaching in all of our programs. We believe that performance art education is unparalleled in its impact on your children’s lives. They are a great way to challenge your kids both physically and mentally, as well as socially. Performance arts give kids a sense of belonging and self-worth.

We hire only the best teachers. Our instructors recognize how important performance art education and training is and strive to make the best positive impact on our students. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and make accommodations accordingly. We know that our instructors are role models to our students, so we are purposeful in what we say and do around them and when teaching them.

Safety is equally important to us because it provides security for our students. We are a certified dance, cheer, and gymnastics school. Performance arts, as with anything, have their risks, but we have taken the precautions to set up our facilities and train our teachers in the most careful way possible. Our instructors are certified in First Aid and CPR.

If you are ready to tour our facility and perhaps sit in in on a class, call us right away! You will be almost excited as your children are!

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